An innovative building material

Due to the excellent thermo-dynamic properties, the use of this product is extremely versatile, e.g. with regard to damage caused by thermals, dynamics and weathering. With the incorporation of our environmentally friendly building material, additional materials become unnecessary and therefore construction costs are reduced. ThermoDyn consists of natural materials that can be recycled in an environmentally friendly way at any time.

Although a wide variety of materials can be used for normal building protection, they only achieve the properties of ThermoDyn to a limited extent. With continuous stress, the service life of the conventional building protection decreases, as the breathability is lost and embrittlement and a loss of dimensional stability of the material takes place. This can lead to the formation of cracks in the conventional building protection.

ThermoDyn counteracts these forces through its dynamic property.
ThermoDyn facilitates the insulation and levelling of demanding substrates.

Its easy installation and processing avoids time-consuming and labour-intensive work. Use ThermoDyn – easy and uncomplicated. ThermoDyn guarantees a full-surface, void-free connection through simple penetration of the levelling compound.

There are no limits with ThermoDyn when it comes to indoor or outdoor applications.

Examples for a very good application of ThermoDyn are in the field of building renovations (wood, concrete, steel, etc.), terraces, winter gardens, humid rooms or everywhere where a cost-effective and quick installation is necessary.


  • Building renovation and new construction
  • for difficult areas
  • Indoor and outdoor
  • Also suitable as backfill
  • Sound AND heat insulation
  • for all areas (wood, concrete, clay …)
  • for time-intensive areas
  • Building material for flooded areas


  • Low overall height ( from 10mm)
  • short curing time < 24 h
  • Reduces the overall construction costs
  • No outgassing after setting
  • Low weight (statics)
  • No settling after installation
  • High abrasion resistance
  • 100% environmentally friendly
  • No additional installation materials necessary
  • No humidity in the room
  • Inspected and tested by renowned institutes
  • Simple and uncomplicated use

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