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The heart – our unique climatic floor ThermoDyn.

The floor structure is one of the most important assemblies in building construction. Under no circumstances should savings be made here and technical savings made. Since you use and load this area daily over and over again. Comparisons and the choice between different systems should be well thought out and questioned with appropriate expertise.

ThermoDyn can cover a wide range of applications due to its non-comparable unique technical and economic characteristics. What no other system can currently do.

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Das Franchisesystem
von ThermoDyn

Mit einem attraktiven Franchisesystem bieten wir interessierten Existenzgründern und bereits tätigen Unternehmern einen Weg in die erfolgreiche Selbstständigkeit.

Profitieren Sie von unserem Wissen und Anspruch an Qualität – das beziehen wir nicht nur auf unsere Produkte, sondern auch auf unseren Support. Ein europaweit tätiges Netzwerk, sowie bestens geschulte Mitarbeiter und ThermoDyn-Partner garantieren Ihnen jederzeit professionelle Unterstützung.


We would ask you to register for the training beforehand. So that there is no overcrowding of the courses. The participation in the courses is free of charge.

If it is not possible for you to attend one of our training courses on one of the training dates below; we would also arrange an individual appointment with you according to your wishes.

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Become a partner

Our ThermoDyn product group is successful worldwide. This great success is not least due to the successful selection of partners. Great importance is attached to quality.Also contributing to this success are the technical features, the fabulous price-performance-ratio of our ThermoDyn product.

You as a regional partner of ThermoDyn receive:

  • best possible support from us for your activity
    (e.g. practical training on site, customer acquisition together with you, and and and…)
  • great earning opportunities without equity capital investment
  • fair and serious cooperation

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