Find out more about our Thermodyn dry composite climate floor

Important – the underground:

ThermoDyn adheres to all solid, load-bearing and dry undergrounds. No special pretreatment or cleaning of the substrate is necessary. It should be cleaned of coarse impurities, but must not have any moisture and must form a load-bearing layer. The underground must be able to absorb and transfer the pressure loads of the surface (topsoil ) and dissipate them.

Mixing ratio:

Mix ThermoDyn granules with binder (enclosed in each package) evenly until uniform mixing has taken place. To do this, mix the container properly for at least 3 minutes using a compulsory mixer, fan whisk or compact mixer. Only mix as much material as can be processed in 30 minutes. Empty the enclosed binder packaging completely and, if necessary, wipe out until no residues remain in the packaging. Avoid direct sunlight and rain during processing. After a curing time of 24 – 48 hours (at 20°C ambient temperature) and a build-up thickness of 30 – 40 mm, further work can then be started (surface must be walkable). The curing time is extended depending on the build-up thickness and floor temperature.

For further processing with tiles or other floor coverings, a top coat sealer is required to seal the pores of ThermoDyn (filler). This increases the quality of ThermoDyn and your flooring system.

Easy processing:

Unevenness of the underground does not have to be pretreated for ThermoDyn. The condition is that the underground is loadbearing. Apply the evenly mixed compound (without clumps) to the substrate, fix it with a smoothing trowel and press it down in steps. Then level with a levelling bar and smooth and level with a smoothing trowel.

To prevent adhesion, we recommend our special anti-adhesion cleaner “ToolClean”. Pipes must be laid without insulation (foam insulation).

If a slight grain solution occurs on the surface after curing, you can fix it with a fabric net. Recommended for levelling and for reducing the consumption of levelling compound.

The top layer:

The top surface must always be covered with a wearing surface. In case of tiling and carpeting, a pressure surface increase by means of a flexible levelling compound is required. (min. 4mm)

Notes on ThermoDyn

  • Application temperature 0°C to +30°C or after consultation.
  • Ensure sufficient ventilation.
  • Store bundles well closed and dry (room temperature min. 5°C).
  • Storage temperature at 20°C for 6 months from date of delivery note
  • Protect unhardend coating from sun and rain.
  • Wear gloves!
  • When laying synthetic flooring, a moisture barrier layer is necessary.
  • The above data can only be general information. The working conditions beyond our control and the large number of different materials mean that no claims can be made on the basis of this information. In case of doubt, we recommend sufficient tests of your own. Our general terms and conditions apply, which you can view here.
  • Disposal instructions: Dispose of product residues accordingly. Shelf life – 6 months after delivery note date / packaging date.

Technical data:

Thickness of the structure: from 10 mm
Test thickness: 40 mm
Standard dimensions:
6,81 kg/m2
Bulk density: 681,1 kg/m3
Compressive strength: 0.9 N/mm2
Chemical resistance: Resistant to oils, fungal attack, insects and microbes. Conditionally resistant to acids and alkalis.
Water vapor diffusion: vapor permeable
Outgassing: solvent-free after > 48 h
Cold resistant: approx. – 40°C
Heat resistant: approx. + 110°C
Thermal conductivity: λ z 0.12 W/(m 2 K)
Fire class DIN 4102-1
Dept. 6.2