ThermoDams as plate goods

ThermoDams composite panels made of ecological material are ideally suited for areas for which a surface solution is needed as quickly as possible. Whether renovation or new construction, with ThermoDams composite panels the floor surface to be processed is completed in just a few steps. No other building materials are necessary for the subfloor design.

The difference to ThermoDyn is that ThermoDyn is offered as bagged material and ThermoDams as plate goods. Almost all property are the same. ThermoDams was specially developed for new buildings and premises with larger surface dimensions. Systematic installation of this panel composite system provides a quick and cost-effective area solution. This allows a final reconstruction of the premises within a few days.

Apply ThermoDams composite panels directly to the surface to be covered. Joints are friction-bonded and the desired sound and thermal insulating properties are achieved with one material and one work step. Its leveling and easy to apply properties give this product the ability to adapt to almost all undergrounds. No additional insulating materials (polystyrene or foam jackets for piping) are necessary. Barriers are easy to pass.

Ecological building material combines in one product sound and heat insulating properties and is also suitable for underfloor heating.

Areas of application

For levelling, smoothing and repairing floor surfaces made of

  • Concrete
  • Wood
  • Brick
  • Tiles
  • Rigid foam panels

For the subsequent installation of all types of floor coverings, such as

  • ceramic tiles and panels
  • Natural earthenware floor coverings
  • carpets
  • Parquet
  • Linoleum
  • vinyl flooring

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The basis of a successful renovation is, in addition to well thought-out planning, the use of ecological and economical building materials.
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