About us

Who we are and what we offer

We offer you everything around floor construction. From selected brand products to our consumer-friendly own brands such as ThermoDyn and ThermoDams. Everything for building, extending, adding on, renovating or refurbishing. Our ThermoDyn product is ideally suited for this.

We offer you everything
around the floor construction.
We help you feel
comfortable in your own home.

In order to be able to solve the ever larger and more complex tasks in new buildings or renovations, architects, structural engineers, craftsmen and builders need (or: require) a building material that can fulfil many structural requirements in one component. ThermoDyn and ThermoDams can offer a solution in many cases.
Using a sophisticated production process, the natural material clay is refined into an expanded clay bead and hard rubber is refined. Industrial production makes it possible to produce the desired grain sizes with different bulk densities and grain strengths. And as the name implies, the granulates contain many valuable properties to prove themselves in the most various ways: Such as thermal insulation, sound protection, compressive strength, dimensional stability, moisture behaviour, fire resistance, frost resistance and chemical resistance.

Behind the success of our company are our employees, guided by an experienced management. Our friendly and competent team is fully dedicated to your wishes. We help you to feel really comfortable in your home.

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