Consulting -Planning and Construction service

Installation service

Would you like to do the interior work of your house yourself or have it done? But you don’t know how or to whom you should entrust the construction work? Then let our trained specialists advise you. We can tell you what materials you need and what expenses you can expect. And of course, all this is part of our free service.

For planning a conversion, a new building or the renovation of your own home, you are in the right place with us. You get everything from one provider. We realise and design your entire floor construction from the height levelling compound to the underfloor heating and the floor covering (laminate, carpet, PVC, wood, tiles …. ).
One contact person for all questions!

Our Offer

  1. Inspection of the object and stocktaking with the builder-owner
  2. Corporate data gathering for the proposal preparation on site
  3. If desired, we apply a sample on site for quality assessment.
  4. Handing over of the preliminary offer on site
  5. Discussion of the preliminary offer on site
  6. Submission of a proper offer with further documents
  7. Execution of the project

The finances

Would you also like to modernize your bathroom or living room, perhaps extend a winter garden or have the old floor in the kitchen replaced? But unfortunately it fails again and again at the necessary financial.
Which would not be bad, but still not quite enough to get the small loan or the necessary support from a bank without a lot of administrative effort. Then we have just the right thing for you. You can find more information here.


Save your value voucher for € 30.00 now with the unbinding and free consultation!

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(Value voucher will be considered if the order exceeds 500,00 €.)